Vegan Athletes


There are many high performance athletes and vegan sports groups around the world. Here we share some links. If you know one that is not included you can send the information to


Alberto Peláez – Ultradistance runner

Alexey VoevodaArm wrestler

Austin AriesWrestler

Brendan Braizer – Triathlete

Cam Awesome – Boxing

Carl Lewis – Track and field

Cody Elkins – Racquetball

David Carter – American Football player

Denis Mikhaylove – Ultradistance runner

Dustin WattenVolleyball player

Fiona Oakes – Marathon runner

Griff WhalenAmerican football player

Heather Mills – Ski

James Southwood Martial artist

Jehina MalikBodybuilder

John Garita – Long distance triathlete

Laura KlineMultisport athlete

Leilani Münter – Car driver

Mac Danzing – Mixed martial arts

Meagan Duhamel  – Pair skater

Michaela Copenhaver – Rowing

Molly Cameron – Cyclo-cross racing

Neil Robertson – Snooker

Patrik BaboumianStrength athlete

Rich Roll – Ultra-endurance athlete

Ruth Heidrich – Runner

Scott Jurek – Ultratrail runner

Steph Davis – Climber

Tia Blanco – Surfing

Tim Shieff – Freerunner


Plant Built – Fitness and bodybuilding group

Forest Green Rovers – England Soccer Team

Roots of Compassion – German cycling group

Stronger Hearts Vegan Power – USA distance running team

Vegan Warriors – Spain group


Great Vegan Athletes – Bios and info about vegan athletes