What about protein? continues its journey on digital platforms
for health, the planet and the animals.

When Fran, Jochen and Alberto rode their bikes they knew they were doing it for something bigger than for themselves: to fight for animal rights. The extraordinary story of this solidary challenge is narrated in the first part of What happens with proteins? (WAP), a documentary project that is available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand.

But this movie not only tells us about this incredible journey, but also takes us by the hand through the most frequent myths about veganism. Maybe you are one of those who think that the animal protein consumption is essential for sports and that with a plant-based diet based you will faint when you take the first step in the climber. Or, perhaps, you are one of those to whom a friend or relative has offered a lettuce birthday cake because you don’t consume animal products.

While the protagonists of this film face 1.000 Km non-stop crossing Spain from south to north -which means at least two complete days on the road- WAP brings us closer to a wider vision of being vegan by the criteria of athletes, experts, activists and entrepreneurs looking for answers to those questions that usually torment both vegans and non-vegans: What about protein, iron, calcium and B12? Is eating like that boring and expensive? What happens to my other consumer products like clothes, shoes or personal care items?

For these 3 athletes their goal goes beyond demonstrating that their diet is sufficient to be healthy and perform at the highest level. “I don’t need a heart to die to keep mine beating”, that’s how Alberto Peláez a Spanish ultra-distance runner and one of the protagonists of this story, sums up his life decision. Joining him are the German endurance athlete Jochen Eckert, the also Spanish ultra distance runner Fran Godoy and a support team of both nationalities committed to their fight and with the purpose of raising funds to help animal and social welfare organizations.

You’ll probably agree with them in their stance against animal exploitation. You may be concerned about the destruction of the environment and climate change. Maybe you want to improve your health and already have in your home what you need to take a plant-based diet in a healthy way, but do not know how to take the next step.

This movie is a tool that helps us to stop the fear of change and to face the status quo: “We want to share what we have been learning throughout our own process of change. For us, information is the key to transforming” says Tracy Mena Young, the director.

With a duration of 64 minutes this first part was produced during 2 years and had its premiere tour in Spain in 2018. The project is developed by LECTV under the production of José Pablo Matamoros. In addition to the athletes, the activist Gene Baur (Farm Sanctuary) and specialists such as Dr. Mauricio González and Maggie Neola of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) participate in the film.

Riding on their bicycles, with every sweat drop, with every breath, with the effort of their legs and their deeper conviction, Fran, Jochen and Alberto go from Tarifa to Suances, and in every kilometer of their journey they lead us to question our own ideas and to consider making changes, not only in food, but in our way of life and see things with the heart beyond myths.

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