What is WAP?

WAP (What about protein?) is a documentary project that wants to answer common question about the main arguments surrounding plant-based diet such as protein intake, minerals and nutrients supply. We also want to touch on the claims that this diet is limited in variety and that adhering to such a belief system is costly.

In the first stage of the project will develop three chapters:

1) WAP – Transiberica for the animals

2) WAP – Alberto Peláez

3) WAP – John Garita

WAP – Transiberica for the animals

Introduction to the veganism and the plant-based diet from the experience of the “Transiberica for the animals”, a solidarity challenge made in Spain that raised funds for animal and social welfare organizations.

Stage: Postproduction


About “Transiberica for the animals”
It consisted in the crossing of the Iberian Peninsula by bicycle, as a solidarity challenge. It was performed in 2016 by the Spanish group “VeganWarriors” with the collaboration of the German group “Roots of Compassion”.

WAP – Alberto Peláez

Part of the myths about plant-based diet and some vegan activism initiatives such as the one undertaken by the Spanish runner Alberto Pelaez.

Stage: Filming

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About Alberto
Spanish athlete whose specialty is Ultratrail. He practices different sports from adolescence and in recent years has stood at the top of the most important trail events in his country. He has also participated in events of global significance such as the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. For more than five years ago he changed his diet and assumed his commitment in the fight for animal rights.

WAP – John Garita

Scientific analysis of plant-based diet and sports performance from the experiences of long-distance triathlete John Garita.

Stage: Development


About John
Costa Rican triathlete specialized in long distance competitions. He has participated in renowned international competitions obtaining important podiums. In 2016 he won the second place of his category in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship at Australia. He changed his diet more than 10 years ago to vegetarianism and now he turned vegan.

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