What is WAP?

Daily training. Demanding competitions. What should an athletes diet consist of? Can an athlete eat on plant-based foods and be competitive? These are the stories of athletes who decided to change their lifestyle, despite the myths.

WAP (What about protein?) is a documentary project that seeks answers to common questions about veganism and a plant-based diet. Through the experience of high performance athletes and specialists, it is intended to generate a discussion in the implications of health and sports performance when opting for this type of diet.

WAP is developed in 2 different parts:

First: A test for the body, the mind and the will. It is an introduction to veganism and a plant-based diet, lead by the experience lived throughout the “Transiberica for the Animals”, a solidary challenge taken place in Spain, which raised funds for animals and also a social welfare organization.
Participants: Jochen Eckert, Fran Godoy, Alberto Peláez, Gene Baur (Farm Sanctuary), Dr. Mauricio González, Maggie Neola (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), Dr. Miranda Graham, and Flavia Baridón, among others.


Second: Through the experience of different athletes, many issues related with leading a plant-based diet will be analyzed healthwise, plus several vegan iniciatives developed in various countries will be presented. The following participants are: The ultramarathoner Alberto Peláez, the animal rescue initiatives of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary, the Vegan Food & Drink festival, the social movement Lanzarote Vegano, the american sportswoman Laura Kline, among others. 

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