Who are we?

We are a working team that is passionate about health, sports and well-being of the planet and those who inhabit it.

WAP has the collaboration of various professionals and is led by two specialists in the audiovisual sector: José Pablo Matamoros Brenes and Tracy Mena Young.

Runner, entrepreneur, vegan and life photographer.

José Pablo is an audiovisual producer and has systems engineering knowledge. He is certified as Video Technician by National Institute of Learning (INA). He worked at Teletica Canal 7, independent projects and shows like PuroMotorTV y MonstruoTV. He founded LECTV and co-produced the feature documentary film “42.195 meters: Beyond the goal” in 2014.

Sports lover and audiovisual geek in the way to being a vegan.

Audiovisual producer graduated from the School of Mass Communication Sciences at University of Costa Rica (UCR), and certified as Video Technician by the National Institute of Learning (INA). She has worked on television channels, educational institutions and independent projects. Her first feature documentary -“NO formulas: this is a provisional history”- won the Best Editing award at the “XIV Costa Rican Film and Video Exhibition”. She works at LECTV and co-directed with them the feature documentary film “42.195 meters: Beyond the goal” in 2014.

And friends!

During this process we have had the support of different people, including: Eddy Vargas, Rosa Chinchilla, Sahar Khoi, Marco Bonilla, Christian Solís, Óscar Segura, Randall Pereira, Vilma Elizondo.

¡Thanks! 😉